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Movie Review of "The Third Man" by Graham Greene

If done as an essay: It is a formal paper which must be typed, double-spaced, and include at least FIVE paragraphs. You are required to write a movie review about the movie “The Third Man.”  You will answer #1-3 and analyze ALL three areas below: literary, dramatic, and cinematic sections – (three paragraph body).  Final copy due by: Thursday, December 5, 2014.  

If done as a blog:  This is a semi-formal assignment written on the classroom blog of at least THREE paragraphs and ONE response (3-5 sentences) to another student. You are required to write a movie review about the movie “The Third Man.”   You will answer #1-3 BUT you only have to analyze ONE of the areas: literary, dramatic, or cinematic sections (one paragraph body).  Final copy due by: Thursday, December 5, 2014.

Include the following elements in your movie review:

  1. In the opening paragraph state the title, and BRIEFLY summarize the plot of the movie. Describe how you truly feel about the film. What is your honest reaction to the film? Did you like/dislike it? Was it confusing? Exciting? Suspenseful? Boring?

  1. In the next three paragraphs analyze the literary, dramatic, and cinematic aspects of the film. Please use examples from the movie to support your analysis.
Literary – The literary aspects pertains to the story, dialogue and characters. Was there a good story? Believable characters? Good dialogue? Did the main character change throughout the film?  What was the main conflict and how was it resolved? Did the story interest you?  Use specific examples from the movie to support your analysis. 

Dramatic – The dramatic aspects pertains to the acting, sets, locations and costumes. Were the actors good? Was the setting or location interesting? Did the actors wear costumes? Was there a famous movie star in the film?  Use specific examples from the movie to support your analysis.  

Cinematic – The cinematic aspects pertain to the camera angles, composition, lighting, music and sound effects.  Were there interesting camera angles, or cool video and sound effects? Did the music match the film?  Use specific examples from the movie to support your analysis. 

  1. In the conclusion, rate the film (Two thumbs up! / A+ / Five Stars! / etc.) and state whether or not you would recommend the film to a friend.


  1. The Third Man by Graham Greene premiered a man name Rollo Martins who arrived in Post-World War II Vienna at the invite of his childhood friend, Harry Lime. Lime indicated he had a job for him, but when Martins arrived, he finds out that his friend has died. From the looks of it Harry Lime’s death was not an accident. So Martins starts his own investigation. This led him on a mission to find the other witness; “The Third Man.” I don’t find black and white films to catchy, but this movie had an attractive image to it, with lots of action. This movie was very mysterious; in order to understand the plot, you had to watch every detail thoroughly.
    The literary aspect of this movie was good to me over all to be such an old movie. Most of the movie was approached to us as second or third hand; more so he say, she say: no evidence came from the main character. This made you wonder if you were actually getting the real story or not. Specifically going towards Rollo since he shows himself to be an un-honest individual. The main conflict of this movie was Lime was killed by a speeding car while crossing the street. Before dying, Lime asked Baron and Popescu to take care of Martins and Anna Schmidt, Lime's girlfriend. Thinking back on what was said, Limes death wasn’t an accident. A porter had mentioned Lime was killed immediately and could not have given instructions before dying. He also states that a third man helped carry the body. Who is this third man? Calloway's had given Martin background history on Lime and indicated he should leave. These evidence had convinced Martins, and he agreed to leave Vienna. Upon leaving he noticed someone, and it was Lime. Lime runs! He later on meets up with Lime and they ride Vienna's Ferris wheel, and martin was threatened by Lime. Which lead Calloway to ask Martins to help trap Lime out to capture him. They found Him trying again to escape through the sewers. The police had fired shots and Lime dies. This movie only interested me because it’s a mystery/detective plot.
    I rate this film two thumbs up! It was a likable movie to be so old. Usually old black and white films are slow and boring. Even the music was sort of catchy! If anyone I know had to do a play or skit I would recommend this movie. As for just watching it I wouldn't recommend it; more so on a rainy or snowy day would be okay when needing to watch a lot of movies to keep occupied.

    Sierra Shelton- S.S

    1. I really liked what you had to say. I never really thought about the literary aspects that you explained. Although, it was never said if Lime died or now. I'd like to think Holly Martins killed him to spare his bestfriend.

    2. I also enjoyed what you had to say about the film. How you went into such detail about the film ,and how well you used your grammar.Although i think that there are plenty of other good black and white films out there you just have to look for them.

  2. The Third Man written by Graham Greene, is a mystery suspense movie about a man named Holly Martins who is offered a job from his best friend Harry Lime. Harry, who lived in Vienna at the time asked martins to fly out and so he did. However, when Holly arrives to Harry's place of residents he is informed that Lime had died suddenly. Holly then becomes suspicious and decides to look into it more. Come to find out everyone had a different story, and one man tells Holly that there was a "third man" and so Martins decided to find him.

    Personally, I really enjoyed this film I thought it was both suspenseful and exciting. This movie did have a great twist and the dialogue was written very well.

    The cinematic aspects of The Third Man were really complex for it's time as well. I loved the last scene of the movie when Harry Lime was in the sewers running from the police. It was amazing seeing the fact that they were able to film all these crazy angles as well as the chase throughout the small tunnels. Honestly, I'd have to say it was done almost as well as the movie's we see today. Another thing I loved about the movie was the set of the city itself. I really liked how it looked at night, and how beat up the city was. Even when the characters would walk at night it felt suspenseful and eerie. The music on the other hand, was a little odd and did through off some of the seriousness of the film. Though at times it did sound somewhat appropriate and was an interesting instrument to use for the entire film.

    Over all The Third Man was a fantastic movie, I would give it two thumbs up and then some. It's a good flick if you're in the mood to really work your brain out. I would definitely recommend this movie to a friend for sure!

    1. I liked your commentary on the zither music. It definitely had its time and its place, however it presented itself (usually) at times of 'aha' moments. Like when Harry Lime was standing in the doorway or when Holly Martins got rejected at the end. It calls to mind the type of music you listen to when a mime is making you have those 'aha' moments. Nice review!

  3. The film (The Third Man) follows the story of a writer by the name of Holly Martins. Martins had been recently informed of his good friend Harry Line's death and also discovered there was a third unidentified man at the scene . Harry had always been a tricky one and Martins knew something was up and decided to investigate. Eventually his hard work paid off. Martins found out that Harry had been involved in some illegal business regarding drugs.Faking his own death would be the perfect scapegoat but Martins couldn't be sure, that is until he ran into him on the street.Not long after Martins alerted the police which lead to a thrilling chase in the sewers and Harry's demise. If you ask me this movie was actually really good for its time im surprised there hasn't been a remake by now.

    The actors in this film did a great job, and were very convincing ,the story itself was very exciting.The actors new what they were doing and they used the right music at all the right moments.I also enjoyed the setting itself how in the morning it was warm and welcoming and how at night it was cold and mysterious.My favorite scene was definitely the chase threw the sewers and how even though Harry new the place so well he still ended up trapped like a rat

    Personally i think this was a four star movie it would have been five if harry was spared and somehow got away.Harry was just the kind of character you wanted to see make it.Yes he did some pretty bad things but Harry and Martins were friends its hard to believe he would shoot him so easily.When it comes to recommending the film yes i probably would. Its hard to find good movies like this nowadays most movies are filled with so much blood and gore they aren't even worth seeing. I just wish this film was easier to get a hold of.

    Alec L.)

    1. I agree that it should had been different at the end. For if Harry did get away it would have probably been more interesting. The music did help with the suspense of certain scenes.

    2. I didn't think about the end so much... You made a good point,i think it should of had different ending; it happened so quick. This makes it more suspicious of who the third man was. It should of had a part 2, to leave us thinking more. That would of been nice.

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  6. The Third Man

    In the movie The Third Man it was set during world war II. In the movie Harry is a smuggler or also known as a drug dealer. He invited Holly (which lives in America) over to europe so he could get a job. Once Holly got to Europe, he was basically clueless and thought his best friend was “ dead”. A while later Harry and Holly meet and Holly finds out Harry is alive and faked his death and that the police are after Harry. Harry eventually gets caught by the police and begs his friend to shoot him. So Holly decides to shoot him at the end of the movie and his girlfriend is pretty upset about this. My honest thought about this is that I’m shocked that Harry wanted to decide to end his life at the end of the movie. This movie wasn’t interesting to me because I hate black and white movies.

    The dramatic aspects make the story believable. Where in the movie this makes it believable is when Harry faked his death. The setting and location was based on World War II. In which due to this it wasn’t really interesting since it looked like history to me which makes me bored and sleepy. The actors did wear costumes which were based on the 1940’s era. For example, long coats, hats, suit cases, etc. I’m not sure if there was a famous person in the movie, but it would have been really cool if there was one I knew.

    In conclusion I would rate this movie three stars. I’d like it better if the movie was in color and had more tension. The era didn’t need to be far back because it could be related to today’s society. The clothing was fine since it was basically a detective scene. If I was to recommend this movie I would and wouldn’t. I’d recommend it because most people I know love black and white movies especially if the era was in the 1940’s. The reason I wouldn’t recomend it is because most people my age or younger wouldn’t understand the concept of the movie.

    Corrina L.

  7. The film, The Third Man, followed the the troubles that Holly Martins faced when he went to live with his friend Harry Lime. He arrives to find out that Lime had died just a few days prior, and that he was wrapped up in the blackmarket. As the movie progresses, Lime's girlfriend gets in trouble for being an illegal citizen of a certain district. Lime reveals that he is alive to Martins by showing up in a doorway. Martins figures out that the murder had been staged to get Lime out of trouble. Martins falls in love with the girl, and offers to give up Lime for the safety of the girl. The movie ends in a classic film noir chase and Lyme is shot dead. Martins ends up not getting the girl. Perhaps I am a bit biased in writing this, as I am a huge fan of the genre and Orson Welles is my all time favorite actor. However, in my eyes, it is safe to say that the acting in this era of film came partly out of a literary sense and more pertinently, out of the era of the stage. The most notable case of this, once again in my opinion, was Orson Welles. I thought the movie was fantastic and a great representation of the genre.

    That being said, the acting was superb. Films of the era could not depend on an effects team to make the movie good. They had to act. The beautiful thing about film noir movies is you could practically get the whole plot just by looking at their facial expressions, gestures, etc. The words are a condiment. There was a distinct reason the cast was picked the way it was. Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten starred together in Citizen Kane. Joseph Cotten played a more meek character, and Orson Welles played the coy character he was known for being in real life, in both films. Every character, could be understood, without necessarily always needing words. That is beautiful acting and the film really encapsulates it.

    Five stars and two thumbs up. An absolutely tremendous film. I would suggest it to anybody that is not inept while watching movies. Movies of this style have to be regarded like a book or a play, moreso than your common shoot em up movie or Pineapple Express.

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