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WL Blog #1: Aztec and Canadian Literature


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A myth is a traditional story, usually set at the beginning of time. Many myths follow the exploits of a cultural hero. In the Aztec Creation Story (RTW 9-14), 
  •  1) What moral lessons for humans do you think the creation story myth teaches? Write 2-3 sentences explaining your answer.
A flashback is a break in the flow of a narrative, taking the reader back to events that occurred before the opening scene of the story. In the story Borders by Thomas King (RTW 17-29), 
  •  2) Describe the flashback in the story then give one reason why you think the author uses this technique in the story.
  •  3) Based upon your reading so far and your general knowledge, generate two or three questions about Canada and Canadian literature which you could answer through additional research.



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  2. 1) The Aztec creation story implies that your destination in the afterlife is based on what kind of person you are; sort of, as it more implicitly says that it is based on how you die as well as living your life, but, death in Aztec culture was an extension of life, so, I think it's safe to lump death in with life. It is stated indirectly that being "righteous" won't just get the job done. It's about discovering the righteous way. So, in a nutshell the idea of your destination in the afterlife imparts that you should be a good person.
    2) The author uses flashback in recalling when Laetitia left for Salt Lake City. He uses it so that you understand why she is going to Salt Lake as a result of dual citizenship per her Mom living in Canada and her Dad living in the US. It also gives supporting information about Laetitia and her Mother's relationship and their varying views on Canada and the US.
    3) What influence does the crown have on Canadian literature?
    How far does the general sarcasm in Canadian literature apply to Canadian culture?
    How is racism/sexism etc. treated in Canadian literature?

    Travis D.

  3. 1) The Aztec Creation Story teaches us that it is okay to be different. The Aztec Indians worshiped many gods and lived a wicked way of life. The Aztec's sacrificed their own people to the sun god. In return they were promised a happy afterlife next to the sun god.yet, they were a peaceful group of people who didn't want to fight.
    2) The author uses flashback when Laetitia and her boyfriend were looking at brochures of Salt Lake City. How Laetitia really wanted to visit the city and her mother didn't approve. The author uses this technique to explain the past of how he misses his sister and remembers the good and bad times.
    3) What types different Canadian cultures are there and why are they relevant?
    How does Canadian Literature affect our world or society today?
    What is the importance of learning Canadian Literature?

    Corrina L.

  4. 1. The moral lesson for the humans that the myth is truing to teach is that what's going on
    with life back then. like the Aztec Indians. Back then, the Aztec Indians has done some
    sacrificed the drama. Their were a lot of deaths and bad relationships. To me, I think it's
    okay to be mad at a person. Just don't killed for no reason.
    2. The flashback in the story Borders, it's showing what had happened with the mother
    and Laetitia when she had left for Salt Lake City. The author is showing the good and bad
    times with the family and Laetitia. Basically, it's the relationship between them. And the family misses her.
    3. What is happening in the Canadian culture now?
    Has the Canadian culture changes people?
    Why is it important to know about the Canadian Literature?

    Autumn C.

    1. Regardless of them being mad and killing people , after life allowed them to become happy, and the people they really were. I don't think everything they did was out of anger it was because of who their Gods were and how they worship them, because I don't think they would just kill for know reason, wouldn't you think the same? Back then they fought for EVERYTHING, they fought to live. Its a reason behind everything.

  5. 1. The moral lesson the Aztec Creation Story teaches us, is the belief that people's personalities and needs continue unchanged after death; it infers on who you actually are. Sort of how ever you may die, that’s how you would live your life. In Aztec culture death was an extension of life. It allowed you to become a better person, no matter how bad or good of a person you were. This afterlife was promised to be happy, if you were to sacrifice your people.
    2. The author uses this flashback to tell us why the mom is driving to Salt Lake City; it is to visit the daughter that had decided to move there. But it’s also showing relationship between the mother and Laetitia.
    3. Does the sarcasm in Canadian literature apply to Canadian culture? And how far does it actually go? What great background does Canadian Literature have, that will make me want to read more? How are people treated in Canada: Race/Sexism?

  6. 1) In my opinion the Aztec creation story myth moral is about being able to trust. The Aztecs wondered the desert for two hundred years before the gods told them where they could build the new empire if they did not trust the gods they would have been in the same spot and not have moved and built a new country almost.They also would not have sacrificed to the gods if hey did not trust they would help provide things like rain.By trusting the new comer he ended up giving most of the gold up because the leader thought it was the god returning.

    2) When the daughter lays out all the books and brochures about salt like city the mother in a way challenges her and talks about how she would not be able to live on her own. The author used the flashback to show the others and daughters relationship and why she originally wanted to go salt Lake City to be with her boy friend but she ended up going anyway and proved to the mom that she could make it on her own and was doing well and sent post cards and wanted her to visit.

    3)Do younger authors still use the sarcasm when they talk about Americans?
    Did Canadians always use sarcasm in their literature when talking about America or Americans?

    -rachel zautke

    1. I somewhat disagree with you about the Aztec moral. You was right about them having to trust in their Gods about where to move and build their empire, but if it wasn't for their "trust" in their God their empire would have never collapsed. They basically was kinda nieve to certain things and that's why the Spanish took over.

    2. I agree with you about the trust part because the gods didn't just get their respect they had to earn, in a way earning trust.

  7. 1) In my opinion the Aztec Indians set an example for people to live with a purpose and die for one too. The only difference is they didn't believe in wasting blood on a battlefield; they would rather capture their opponents and use them as human sacrifices for their Gods. While the people of today are willing to fight for their country in war prepared to die.

    2) In the flashback it shed some light on why Letitia was moving to Salt Lake City to live with her father; the relationship with her mother was a bit rocky and they constantly argued. so the best thing at the moment for her to do was to move with her father.

    3) have the writing style for Canadians varied over the years?
    What is the population of Canada today?
    Who is the youngest recognized Canadian writer?

    -Audrey F.

    1. I really like what you said for question one! I can see how the people of today continue to show loyalty for something they truly care for, such as the Aztec's when it came to their God's!

      On a side note, Canada's population is currently a little over 35 million!

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  9. 1.) I think the moral that the Aztec creation myth taught, was that like us the God's were far from perfect. These God's had their flaws, and they weren't all beautiful deities. They had blemished skin, displayed emotions, and personalities which are of humanlike qualities. By doing this it shows that without the essentials (human sacrifice) the God's could become quickly displeased (like humans). I also think that this gives us an insight on how the principles of what to do, and what not to do, in order to please the God's were created.

    2.) The flashback given in the story was about Laetitia wanting to cross the Canadian border and leave to Salt Lake City. The way King wrote the dialect in the technique he did, was to show the different perspectives of the conflict between both Laetitia and her mother. By doing this, it also gave a good example of how real mother daughter relationships can be.

    3.) Do you think Canadian Literature stereotypes the American view on Canada?

    If so, give an example from the story Borders. If not, please explain why.

    Do you think people disregard Canadian Literature?

  10. 1) The moral lessons they were teaching humans were live a happy life. They didn't have conflict, the boys promised them happiness in their afterlife.
    2) A flashback moment in the story was when the mother was driving to go see get daughter Letitia,it was reminder that they didn't face a good relationship, which is why she went to live with her father
    3) How is Canadian writing benefiting us in today's writing style
    Do you think their sarcasm wad offensive to Americans?
    Do you think they inspire some of their cultures to write?

  11. 1. The Aztec Creation Story shows us what’s going on in the past. They show that we all have different ways of doing things as far as death goes. They chose to sacrifice people to the sun god and in return a good and happy afterlife. I personally think it wasn’t fair to kill people and destroy their lives for no reason. Everyone deserves a life to live and a happy life at that.

    2. The author uses the flashbacks to show when Laetetia left for Salt Lake City to help understand her reasons for leaving. It also showed the relationship between her and her mother. Then shows the laws of crossing the Canada & US borders.

    3. Why do they use sarcasm as a big part of their culture?
    How does the Canadian culture affect the US?
    How much has their culture changed since back then?

  12. As of 11/4/14, this blog has been completed and assessed for proficiency. If you desire to add a comment or reply to this blog, please notify Mr. Dawursk so that you may receive credit for the assignment and be assessed for benchmark proficiencies.