Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome to World Literature

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WL Blog #1: Aztec and Canadian Literature


  • First, answer in one comment questions 1 through 3 below.
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A myth is a traditional story, usually set at the beginning of time. Many myths follow the exploits of a cultural hero. In the Aztec Creation Story (RTW 9-14), 
  •  1) What moral lessons for humans do you think the creation story myth teaches? Write 2-3 sentences explaining your answer.
A flashback is a break in the flow of a narrative, taking the reader back to events that occurred before the opening scene of the story. In the story Borders by Thomas King (RTW 17-29), 
  •  2) Describe the flashback in the story then give one reason why you think the author uses this technique in the story.
  •  3) Based upon your reading so far and your general knowledge, generate two or three questions about Canada and Canadian literature which you could answer through additional research.